• is an advanced, mature, flexible telephony server, which is used for MNOs, MVNOs, VoIP and fixed networks.
  • is the basis of the YateUCN unified LTE and GSM/GPRS core network, the SatSite LTE and GSM macrocell, YateHSS/HLR subscriber server, YateClient, FreeSentral and many other NullTeam and SS7Ware products and applications.
  • has been used as a soft switch, STP, HLR/HSS, SMSC, USSD gateway, and in many SS7 and SIP custom applications.
  • is a mature product, initially released in 2004 and continuously enhanced and supported to this date.
Custom development
Null Team provides custom development and integration support for the commercial version of Yate, developing some of the most innovative and cost-effective mobile networks and applications in the industry.
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